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Let Their Light Shine

--By Rene Tyson-- When my family takes long car trips, I read aloud to Bryan while the kids play video games...or so I thought. I was recently reading a book that dealt with some pretty heavy subjects.  It is an SOS manual for how to help those around you who are going through crisis: divorce,… Continue reading Let Their Light Shine

Family Matters · Words of Wisdom

Reason for Joy #2315

From Proverbs for Moms -- by Rene Tyson-- You know what puts a smile on my face? Cute Cat Photos.  Seriously, what really makes me smile is when one of my kids say something profound. When they demonstrate wisdom or maturity beyond their years, my heart fills with pride and joy. One time, my son's friend… Continue reading Reason for Joy #2315

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Why Does “Keeping House” Matter?

--By Rene Tyson--   "Girls, listen carefully," my 90 year-old friend Norma was quoting her mother, "Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have but it will also be the most rewarding." One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks about being the mother of small children is the unearthly… Continue reading Why Does “Keeping House” Matter?

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Remember Mercy

–By Kate Andres– Romans 12:18, “If possible, so far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all men.” NASB. What does this mean in today’s age? Does it mean the same as it did back in the Bible times? There were no cell phones, no Facebook, no voicemails, etc. Were they busier back… Continue reading Remember Mercy

Words of Wisdom

Becoming Brave

--By Rene Tyson-- Have you ever been afraid but you are not sure what is causing the fear? Proverbs 28: 1 says, “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” There was a time in my life when I was constantly afraid. This verse caught my eye because… Continue reading Becoming Brave

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Mary and Martha- Mary’s side

From Scripture Comes to Life: Luke 10:38-42--by Rene Tyson--   The Teacher is coming to our house!!  Everyone has heard of the great things he has said and done and since my brother Lazarus is a respected man, he was sitting at the city gates when Jesus’s party arrived.  Lazarus saw the Teacher a little… Continue reading Mary and Martha- Mary’s side

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The Hem of Jesus’s Cloak

From: Scripture Comes to Life: Luke 8:43-48 --by Rene Tyson-- I had been bleeding for 12 years. When it first began, I didn’t realize how serious my condition was and I figured that any day the bleeding would stop. After three weeks I went to the first of many doctors. After three years they still… Continue reading The Hem of Jesus’s Cloak