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Book Club Night-September

---By Kate Andres--- I run a daycare. Out of my basement. I CRAVE grown up time. I also LOVE to read. I love to read so much back when Kindles first came out, my husband bought me one. He did it to save space. I would go to the library and check out my 25… Continue reading Book Club Night-September

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National Coffee day is today. I got a free coffee this morning. Well, my daughter made me a coffee....Doesn't count? That's Ok. Here are a few places that have a free coffee for you today. And some have expanded it to beyond. Krispy Kreme is offering any size hot coffee for free or a small iced… Continue reading NATIONAL COFFEE DAY!!!

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Why Does “Keeping House” Matter?

--By Rene Tyson--   "Girls, listen carefully," my 90 year-old friend Norma was quoting her mother, "Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have but it will also be the most rewarding." One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks about being the mother of small children is the unearthly… Continue reading Why Does “Keeping House” Matter?

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20 Pathetic Tomato Plants

--By Rene Tyson-- The first tomato plant I ever planted was my first summer as a newlywed. It was in a big pot on my back porch. The darn thing was gorgeous! It had bright green luscious  leaves, five feet tall, beautiful flowers and ZERO fruit. Yep. That's how I figured out that sun is… Continue reading 20 Pathetic Tomato Plants

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Garden Time-Finally!

--By Kate Andres--Last night was fun. Not like having an amazing party fun, but doing something that I enjoy with the ONE child that enjoys it also. Last night my garden went into the ground. Well, parts of the garden anyways. We ended up planting tomatoes: Snow whites, Delicious, Cherokee Cherry tomatoes (they are dark… Continue reading Garden Time-Finally!

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Clean Car Tips (from a naturally messy person)

--By Rene Tyson--Let’s be honest. We all make assumptions about others based on first impressions and others make assumptions about us. If it is within our control, why not make it easy for people to assume nice things about us? Last week I pulled up to the school to drop my children off and a… Continue reading Clean Car Tips (from a naturally messy person)

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Clean That Table!

--Kate Andres-- On Reigning in the PILES   I think we should make a group. We can call ourselves Pilers Anonymous. I am a piler. I pile things everywhere. It seems to be a learned thing. My parents are pilers and that is fine. Their piles are much smaller than mine and I always have… Continue reading Clean That Table!

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Table Manners

--By Rene-- If you could get a job promotion because you had good table manners, would your habits change? If you knew that your relationships would improve because of good table manners, would you change your tune at the table?  MOMS--Listen! We can give our kids an ENORMOUS amount of POWER in life, simply by how… Continue reading Table Manners

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Cleaning Tips for the Tired

--By Kate Andres-- If you google cleaning tips, chances are Rene and I have tried it. I’ve printed hundreds of pages of tips and charts to help me clean. While I was a stay at home mom, I was lucky to get all 4 children up, fed, diapers changed, played with, etc and cleaning went… Continue reading Cleaning Tips for the Tired