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Let Their Light Shine

--By Rene Tyson-- When my family takes long car trips, I read aloud to Bryan while the kids play video games...or so I thought. I was recently reading a book that dealt with some pretty heavy subjects.  It is an SOS manual for how to help those around you who are going through crisis: divorce,… Continue reading Let Their Light Shine

Family Matters · Words of Wisdom

Reason for Joy #2315

From Proverbs for Moms -- by Rene Tyson-- You know what puts a smile on my face? Cute Cat Photos.  Seriously, what really makes me smile is when one of my kids say something profound. When they demonstrate wisdom or maturity beyond their years, my heart fills with pride and joy. One time, my son's friend… Continue reading Reason for Joy #2315

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My Nephew; aka the Tasmanian Devil

  --By Rene Tyson--My nephew, a.k.a. the Tasmanian devil, usually means well. He is a high-energy, curly-floppy haired, round-apple cheeked bouncing boy. I am sometimes terrified about the bouncing because he keeps growing bigger and bigger and I have breakable things in my living room.I remind myself that it's only stuff and stuff can be… Continue reading My Nephew; aka the Tasmanian Devil

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Table Manners

--By Rene-- If you could get a job promotion because you had good table manners, would your habits change? If you knew that your relationships would improve because of good table manners, would you change your tune at the table?  MOMS--Listen! We can give our kids an ENORMOUS amount of POWER in life, simply by how… Continue reading Table Manners