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Book Club Night-September

—By Kate Andres—

I run a daycare. Out of my basement. I CRAVE grown up time. I also LOVE to read. I love to read so much back when Kindles first came out, my husband bought me one. He did it to save space. I would go to the library and check out my 25 book limit and stack them in the corner. 25 books is pretty tall. Let me help you understand what my husband was looking at. The matchbox car is for scale. I even threw in a couple children’s books because you know, kids like to read too.

At one point I had 800+ books on my Kindle. He smartly figured we could save space. I completely agreed with him and did have loads of fun downloading all the top 100 free books they had.

So when I was invited to join a real life book club, I was so excited. Real women. Real books. Meetings, food, and talking. All the things a woman enjoys. At least the ones they should right?

The first night we met was July 2016. We were a little club of 3. It was a dark and stormy night but it didn’t get rainy until we were huddled in Patricia’s van looking at Good Read reviews of book club books. We sat there giggling as we read some of the descriptions. Patricia would say, Oh, I loved that book, it was really good. Or I would read a description and say, that sounds dumb. Or that sounds great. We finally settled on our first book we chose was an incredibly touching one about, A BOOK CLUB. Apparently, the three of us while reading the description failed to notice that point. But it was an amazing book that we all loved. You were laughing, crying, and engrossed in the story. I loved it. The name of the book was, “Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons”, by Lorna Landik. As we read, we all secretly wished that that in 30 years we could write the book about our club.

This month was my month to host. As hostess, the previous month you get to choose the book. I learned this summer that my aunt reads a LOT of books. A lot was 200+ books this year by June 30th. She recommended a book that was set here in the Pacific Northwest. The book is “The Girl Who Wrote in Silk”, by Kelli Estes. The book is about a Chinese woman born in the 1800’s in Washington while it was still a territory. The story weaves together the lives of a Chinese woman and a present day woman without them ever meeting. In 1882, there was a Chinese Exclusion Act that was an immigration law excluding people from the United States based on their race. The story was beautifully done and was quite eye opening in regards to racism and how prevalent it was then and up until 1943 when it was overturned. Sound familiar?

I will keep you aparised of the books we read, and if you want to follow along, great! Let us know if you like the books.

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