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Remember Mercy

–By Kate Andres–

Romans 12:18, “If possible, so far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all men.” NASB.

What does this mean in today’s age? Does it mean the same as it did back in the Bible times? There were no cell phones, no Facebook, no voicemails, etc. Were they busier back then? They had more manual labor, hand washing laundry, and hand making every piece of dinner they ate.  Yet women were still busybodies and gossips, the Lord gives us instructions of how to behave, time and time again.

Sometimes I get so busy living in today’s world I forget what God has asked of us. He asks us to be patient, be kind, and do not hold a grudge. Live in love. Be love to those around you. The only reason is because God calls you to be. Not because you feel like it, but because He wants you to. There is a BIG difference. I’m not saying be a doormat and just go with the flow with everything that goes around you. But when you make decisions, do them out of love. Let your words be said out of love. And if they cannot, maybe it should be an indication, to NOT say them. Don’t get told that a lot do you? Don’t speak your mind 100% of the time. It is okay to let things slide. The world has enough evil gross things in the world. Don’t let your attitude add to it.

What do you think you should do if you CAN’T be at peace with the people in your life?

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