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Garden Time-Finally!

happyiness and plants–By Kate Andres–Last night was fun. Not like having an amazing party fun, but doing something that I enjoy with the ONE child that enjoys it also. Last night my garden went into the ground. Well, parts of the garden anyways. We ended up planting tomatoes: Snow whites, Delicious, Cherokee Cherry tomatoes (they are dark purple), Sweet 100’s and  Golden Jubilee. We also got in beans, peas, a hot jalapeno, a Fooled-Ya jalapeno and because, who could resist, a cupcake squash plant (well, two of them, because they come in pairs). My daughter who helped had a kind of running commentary throughout, “If this Fooled-Ya jalapeno is hot, I’m going to be really mad.” She dug in the wet ground and talked to the worms as she relocated them into the holes, “I really hope that the cherries do good this year. I was so hungry last year for cherries and really sad we didn’t get very many.” I will agree with her. Last year was a sad year for cherries. She begged to water the plants at the very end and was disappointed that you had to water each one longer than she felt was necessary. Watering plants is pretty boring when you are 11.

Anya Gardening

We dug into my tilled garden bed, (thank you to my husband for tilling it between rainy spells). The child who helped filled our tomato holes with coffee grounds and pieces of old white fish from the freezer. I read an article that said if I wanted big beautiful tomatoes to put these things into the holes and I would be abundantly blessed. Considering that last year’s tomatoes were under performers, I am willing to try pretty much whatever the internet suggests at this point.

I have a little tray from Jiffy with cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelons, pumpkins, chard, more beans, more peas, and some rainbow chard. Those need to be a little bigger before I subject them to the garden– so for now they are on my deck hanging out and getting bigger.

They were kind of soggy today because of all the rain that we had but by the time I took the plastic lid off this morning, they were steaming!

Rene’s garden this year is going to be amazing. She has really gotten the gardening bug the last few years and is not deterred by disappointment. She’ll be sharing her garden beds soon. What do you have growing?

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