Gluten-Free Recipes

Best Grilled Vegetables

–By Rene Tyson–

Bryan came home with this recipe from a coworker. My husband, who loves to GRILL, was delighted to hear about grilled vegetables! Grilled veggies became a staple in our house from that day forward. (Side-note–it’s called “grilling,” for those of us not from the South. I always said, “Bar-B-Q” for anything cooked outside, but supposedly if it doesn’t have the BBQ sauce, then it is not BBQ.)


  1. Choose vegetables that you already like.  (If you don’t like them before you grill’em, then you won’t like them after.)
  2. Quarter the vegetables (Or at least cut into big chunks so that they don’t fall through the cracks).
  3. In a large bowl, smother veggies in a little olive oil and in your favorite seasoning.  I use Lawry’s and powdered chicken stock.  Just make sure that your seasoning is Gluten-Free.  If you prefer an herb-blend, then use salt + a dried blend of all the Italian food herbs (oregano, garlic, basil, etc.) If you let the veggies sit for a while, they will taste even better after grilled.
  4. Place vegetables on the grill for a while. (How’s that for exact?) Then flip them over. Really–cook until they are as tender as you like.
  5. My Family’s Favorites: Mushrooms, Broccoli, Onions, Tomatoes, Bell Pepper (I let the children pick through and choose their favorites when we eat this way).
  6. If a grill is unavailable, you can prep and broil the veggies instead. Takes about 2 mins per side.
    1. Keep flame low, unless you are a burnt-marshmallow kind of girl.
    2. Green onions go super limp. Kate loves those. They aren’t my fave. (Although I have never told her so because that would be rude…see article on Table Manners!)
    3. Cook veggies after the meat. Then your whole meal will be hot…they aren’t great cold.

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